Spa & Wellness

Rejuvenate and regenerate your body and mind with Oriental treatments in our private Wellness Spa!

At Noble Crown Resort we offer wellness programs with a variety of treatments for your relaxation.

You can take single treatments or package programs for one week or a specific program for you and your needs.

During a personalised treatment week you would stay “full time” at the resort where we take care of you all the time.

In our private Spa we only use 100% organic, pure and natural Coconut oil from our own trees.

Our aroma oils and herbal products are made from Thai and Chinese botanicals, registered in Thailand as Lotos Products.

Our spa masseurs are proven professionals with many years experience in wellness and health massage.

Benefits Of Massage

  • to relax body tension, stimulate blood circulation,
  • calm the nerves,
  • relieve depression,
  • ease stiffness and pain relief for arthritis.
  • relieve muscle contraction and spasms,
  • increases blood supply,
  • improve muscle tone,
  • encourages nutrients for tissue repair,
  • reduces fat tissues and cleanses by pushing along lymphatic fluids,
  • hastens elimination of wastes and toxins,
  • and so on……

We will guide you to get the best treatment for your needs and let you understand the benefits of all the herbs we use.

We would like to meet you for a private talk with the masseur before you receive your treatments.

Spa Programs

Our spa program includes;

  • Medical Thai massage,
  • Oil massages,
  • Foot,  shoulder & head massage,
  • Herbal steam massage,
  • Body scrub & facial masks.

Each treatment will follow your individual needs.

You are welcome to build your own program or book a package with different treatments as you wish!

  1. Lymphatic massage, 60 min = 750 THB
  2. Diff. oil massage, 60 min = 900 THB
  3. Hot herbal compress 60 min = 900 THB
  4. Foot+head+shoulder 45 min = 550 THB
  5. Body scrub+face mask = 800 THB
    Face mask+head massage = 450 THB
  6. Energy and sensual massage, minimum 2 hours = 2,200THB
    (not available in packages)

Spa Packages

Packages for 2 people.

  • Package A : 4 treatments = 3,000 THB
  • Package B : 6 treatments = 4,500 THB
  • Package C : 10 treatments = 7,000 THB

Energy & Sensual Massage not included in packages.